Giving Support

Dementia Care

There are an estimated 950,000 people in the UK currently suffering with dementia. As a country with an aging population it is estimated this number will more than double in the next 20 years. Whilst these statistics are terrible, we understand that such statistics only show a glimpse of the whole story. Every case is a mother, a grandfather or a friend. This is why we always treat our clients as individuals and build their care around their needs, circumstances and what is right for them.

Dementia, and Alzheimer’s, are both tragic diseases but both are made more manageable when the sufferer is able to remain in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Our team specialise in-home care for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients in Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

We can work with you to create a care package for your loved one that is as individual as they are. Our support extends far further than simply assisting with daily routines, medication or other activities. Our team focus on providing companionship and support to the individual, so they are not left feeling isolated or insecure.

All of our professional care givers have the correct qualifications, certificates and we complete thorough background checks. We also have a commitment to continuous training and teaching our team the latest support techniques to ensure we are always at the forefront of in-home care.

What really sets us apart is all of our team do not see the caring profession as simply a job but a way to truly make a difference in a person, and their families, life. That is the greatest reward.

Call us, or complete the form below, to discuss your or your loved one’s current situation in regard to their dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Together, we can create a unique care package as individual as the person needing care.

In Home Care for Physical Disabilities

Physical disabilities can certainly set limits on what a person is able to do regarding home and personal care. This does not mean they must leave the comfort and familiarity of their own home and look at care facilities. In fact, with the right level of care and support the individual can stay in their own home, retain their independence and most importantly actually improve their quality of life.

We know that physical disabilities can affect anyone, young or old. This is why choosing an individual care plan is vital for your loved one to help them realise a brighter future. The aim of such care is never to completely take control of the person’s life, but to make their lives easier and more manageable. It is also vital that such care is always delivered with empathy, compassion and respect.

This is why We Care Together create support and care plans which are as unique as the individual we are providing the in-home care for. We also pride ourselves on not merely focussing on the physical side of care but also the emotional needs of the people we support – in fact most of our carers and clients end up becoming close friends, which in our view is exactly how it should be.

Call us, or complete the form below, to discuss your or your loved one’s physical disability needs. Together, we can create a unique care package as individual as the person needing care.

Giving Support

In-Home Companion Care

In-home care is never just about assisting with physical activities or completing daily routines. There must also be an element of companionship as this can have a huge uplifting effect on the individual’s quality of life. The modern world has left many, especially the elderly, feeling more isolated and alone than any other time in history. This may be due to living alone or not being able to see family and friends as often as they would like. A simple conversation, phone call or stopping by for a cuppa can make a huge difference.

We have always prided ourselves on providing the very best care by marrying the physical side with the emotional element – sadly this is not the case with every provider in the industry.

You can create a companionship package to suit you or your loved ones individual circumstances. This could be anything from running errands together, assisting with a hobby or a chat in their beloved garden. We know how vital human contact and interaction is to our own mental well-being and the pandemic of 2020 made this even more evident.

Call us, or complete the form below, to discuss your or your loved one’s current situation and needs. Together, we can create a unique in-home companion care package as individual as the person needing care.