Enhancing Emma’s World with Dementia Care


Emma*, a warm-hearted woman in her late eighties with a rich tapestry of life experiences, began facing the challenges of dementia, which gradually eroded her memory and cognitive abilities. As Emma’s condition progressed, it became increasingly difficult for her to manage daily tasks, leading to moments of confusion and distress. Her family, deeply committed to her well-being but recognising the need for specialised care, turned to We Care Together, seeking a compassionate solution that would honour Emma’s dignity and enhance her quality of life.


We Care Together Southampton:

We Care Together approached Emma’s care with a deep understanding of the complexities of dementia, emphasising the importance of creating a supportive and familiar environment. The first step was a detailed assessment of Emma’s needs, preferences and life history, enabling the care team to tailor their approach to resonate with her personal story and preferences.

A specialised dementia care team was carefully assembled, consisting of individuals with not only professional expertise in dementia care but also a genuine passion for making a positive difference in the lives of those they support. This team was trained to employ innovative care techniques, including reminiscence therapy, sensory stimulation and personalised engagement activities, all designed to foster a sense of comfort, joy and connection for Emma.

The care plan for Emma was centered around maintaining her sense of identity and autonomy, providing gentle guidance and support without overshadowing her own abilities to engage and make choices. The team worked closely with Emma’s family to integrate cherished memories, favorite music and meaningful activities into her daily routine, creating moments of happiness and recognition that were invaluable to Emma and her loved ones.

As the care team built a trusting relationship with Emma, they became a constant in her ever-changing world, offering reassurance and familiarity amid the confusion that dementia often brings. This continuity of care and the bond formed between Emma and her carers played a crucial role in navigating the challenges of her condition, minimising distress and promoting a sense of safety and belonging.



Emma’s family witnessed remarkable moments of clarity and joy in Emma’s life, thanks to the thoughtful and personalised approach taken by We Care Together. Her daughter shared, “Seeing my mother smile and engage in stories from her past, enjoying music she loves and participating in activities she’s always cherished has been incredibly moving. We are deeply grateful for the care and respect shown to our mother, helping us preserve the essence of who she is.”

*Name changed for privacy