Helping Joan Regain Her Independence


Joan* of Fareham, a vibrant woman in her late seventies, found her life suddenly altered after a severe fall in her garden, which resulted in a complex leg fracture. Facing a long recovery ahead, Joan’s family was concerned about her ability to manage alone, given her new limitations. It was during this challenging time that Joan’s daughter reached out to We Care Together, a renowned care service provider known for its personalised and compassionate care solutions.


We Care Together Southampton:

Understanding the gravity of the situation, We Care Together swiftly responded to assess Joan’s needs comprehensively. The assessment revealed that, along with assistance for her mobility and rehabilitation, Joan also required support for her daily activities, personal care and medication management. The goal was clear: to help Joan regain her independence and improve her quality of life during her recovery.

To achieve this, We Care Together curated a bespoke care package tailored specifically to Joan’s needs. Recognizing the importance of continuity and familiarity, especially given Joan’s initial apprehension towards receiving care, a small, dedicated team of expert carers was assigned to her. This team was carefully chosen not just for their professional skills but also for their ability to connect and build trust with Joan, ensuring she felt comfortable and secure in their care.

The carers underwent specialized training, focusing on Joan’s specific mobility challenges and rehabilitation exercises, to ensure they were fully equipped to support her effectively. They worked closely with Joan, encouraging her every step of the way and adapting their approach as her needs evolved over time. This personalized and empathetic approach helped Joan to not only accept the help she needed but to also actively engage in her recovery process.

Joan’s journey with We Care Together was marked by significant milestones. From the initial stages of requiring assistance for most activities to gradually taking steps on her own, Joan’s progress was remarkable. The consistent support and encouragement from her care team played a pivotal role in her rehabilitation. They were not just carers but had become friends who celebrated each small victory alongside Joan and her family.



Reflecting on the care her mother received, Joan’s daughter expressed her deep gratitude towards We Care Together: “The professionalism, dedication and compassion displayed by the entire team were beyond our expectations. Seeing my mother regain her strength and independence has been an incredibly heartwarming experience. We are so grateful for the positive impact you’ve had on her life.”

*Name changed for privacy