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We are a leading elderly care agency based in Southampton and believe in the power of strong relationships and personalised care. We understand that families can't always be there, and that's where we step in - providing a compassionate ear and a helping hand whenever needed.

Our Core Services

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At We Care Agency in Southampton, our priority is building strong relationships with our clients to demonstrate our commitment and value. We understand that families may not always be able to visit regularly, which is why we are here to provide the support you need. Whenever you require someone to talk to, we ensure there is always a caring individual available.

Our services are flexible, starting from 30 minutes and extending to include companionship sitting. We recognise that each person has unique needs, and our goal is to personalise our visits accordingly. By doing so, we maintain the highest standards and empower our clients to remain in control of their own care.

We place great importance on nutrition as a vital aspect of a healthy lifestyle. If desired, we can cook fresh meals during our visits. Additionally, if there are concerns about accessing the right foods, We Care Agency in Southampton offers a shopping advisory service. No longer will limited time result in nutritional compromises!

If you currently receive care through social services and wish to explore the option of private care with direct payments, allowing you to choose your own care provider, we can provide further advice and guidance. For more information, please contact us directly or visit our website and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • Recognise, promote and share knowledge and excellence in brain injury and complex case management, for adults, children and young people.
  • Lead the way promoting research and evidence-based practice.
  • Influence and shape national policy and procedures for individuals with brain injury and complex needs through collaborative and inclusive working.
  • Maintain the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Deliver an effective and equitable service and ensure sustainability of the Association.

How can we help care for your loved ones?

Supporting you with different tasks


Preparing meals and washing the dishes


Household chores; dusting, vacumming and laundry


Administering medication or regular reminders


Personal care; bathing, toileting and dressing


Support with moving in and around your home or getting out and about


Caring for your pets

What Our Clients Say

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