Supporting Lucas with Personal Care and Offering Family Respite


Lucas*, a gentleman in his mid-sixties with advanced Parkinson’s disease, faced increasing difficulties with his morning and evening routines. His condition, characterised by tremors and limited mobility, made daily tasks such as dressing, grooming and personal hygiene challenging and time-consuming. Lucas’s wife, who had been his primary caregiver, found herself overwhelmed by the growing care needs, leading to exhaustion and stress. Recognising the need for additional support, the family reached out to We Care Together, hoping to find a compassionate solution that would improve Lucas’s quality of life and provide much-needed respite for the family.


We Care Together Southampton:

We Care Together responded with a comprehensive assessment to understand Lucas’s specific needs, routines and preferences, as well as the family’s expectations. The goal was to develop a personalised care plan that not only addressed Lucas’s personal care needs but also integrated smoothly into the family’s daily life, ensuring comfort and dignity for Lucas and offering respite and peace of mind for his wife and children.

A team of dedicated carers was carefully selected, each with experience and training in providing personal care to individuals with mobility challenges. The carers were introduced to Lucas and his family, ensuring a good match in terms of personality and approach, fostering trust and a comfortable care environment from the start.

The care plan focused on assisting Lucas with his morning and evening routines, including help with washing, dressing, grooming and medication management. Special attention was given to preserving Lucas’s independence wherever possible, encouraging him to participate in his care at a level that was safe and manageable for him. This approach not only supported his physical needs but also promoted his self-esteem and autonomy.

For Lucas’s family, the involvement of We Care Together brought a significant sense of relief. With the carers taking on the responsibility of Lucas’s personal care, his wife could take time to rest and focus on her own well-being, knowing that Lucas was in capable and caring hands. This respite allowed her to enjoy quality time with Lucas outside of caregiving duties, strengthening their bond and improving the overall family dynamic.



The family found comfort in the routine and reliability of the care provided. Lucas’s wife shared, “Having the support of We Care Together has been life-changing for us. It’s not just the practical help with Lucas’s care but the peace of mind it brings, knowing he is treated with dignity and respect. It has given us precious time to recharge and be a family again, not just caregivers.”

*Name changed for privacy