Why Choose a Career in Care? 6 Reasons to Consider

We understand that considering a career in care can be polarising and whilst some relish the idea, others may be a little more sceptical. It is often the case that many people have misconceptions about what a career in care actually involves.

If you are considering a care career, here are 7 benefits our carers have highlighted as reasons they love their job.

Reason 1: Make A Real Difference

There are very few jobs where at the end of the working day you can genuinely say you have made a significant difference in someone’s life. This could be as simple as a conversation over a cup of tea with someone who hasn’t spoken to anyone in over a week. Our carers love the feeling that they are helping someone retain some of their independence and make their life better.

Reason 2: Clear Career Progression

The care industry is highly regulated in the UK. This means there are a vast number of courses and qualifications carers can undertake. This allows you to shape your career journey and focus on areas you enjoy most, all whilst continuing to build an attractive CV.

Reason 3: Variety is the Spice of Life

There are few jobs that offer such a varied collection of activities. It is true that no day is ever the same in the care profession. This certainly keeps things interesting! The role of a carer requires the person to be an adaptable problem solver which leads to a far higher level of job satisfaction.

Benefit 4: Flexibility

Here at We Care Together, we find that many people choose a career in care due to its flexibility. A career in care can easily fit around family, study or other responsibilities whilst providing a good wage. The need for care is 24/7 so it is likely you are able to create a shift pattern that suits your life and ambitions.

Benefit 5: It’s a Career for life

It is estimated that over the last 20 years over 300 different types of jobs have ceased to exist in the UK. Many have been replaced through technology or automation. However, this will not be the case with the role of the care worker as it is all about the “human touch” and building relationships. This means that choosing a role in the care industry is a career for life. This is coupled with the fact that we live in a world with an aging population, meaning there will be an even greater need to carers in the future.

Benefit 6: Meet interesting people

Whilst not all people requiring care will be of a certain age, the majority will have lived a long life. They will be full of interesting stories, seen things you haven’t and lived through events that occurred before you were born. There are not many professions where you can meet such a wide array of people from different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life.

Benefit 7: No Qualifications Needed

The care industry is one of the few in the UK where you can join with no experience or qualifications. This is because most good care companies actively train their team from scratch to ensure they continue to progress and grow within the role.

We know some people attach certain cliches to a career in care, many of which are not founded in reality. Maybe it’s time for you to reconsider a career in care?

If you have any questions, please get in touch and we are always happy to chat about what our carers do and how their career journey began and is progressing.