Why Have an Overnight Carer?

Whilst there is plenty of information on in-home care or care homes, there seems to be less on overnight care. This is a vital service that can be a huge help to those with loved ones that need support and care outside of regular hours.

It is important to know that there are 2 core types of overnight care, “sleep ins” and “wake ins”. These services are different and it is important to consider which would be the most appropriate for your situation. “Sleep in” care is pretty straightforward as it involves the carer spending the night at the home of their patient for the entire night. They will be available should the patient need to use the toilet, feel unwell or need someone during the night. However, the carer is allowed to also sleep during this time. “Wake-in” care is generally for patients that need a little more support at night. This is more like a traditional night shift, where the carer will stay awake and periodically check on the patient. This is more common with patients with Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

A sleep-in carer will assist with the patient’s nightly routine to ensure they get a good night’s rest. This service is recommended for those that need a little bit of assistance with not only their nightly routine but also their morning routine. If you are considering this form of care, you loved one will need a spare bedroom that is ideally located near theirs. This will mean the carer is able to respond quickly should the patient need assistance during the night.

A wake-in carer would be required if your loved one suffers more during the night and needs to be regularly checked on to ensure they are ok. The dual benefit here is the carer will be able to undertake other tasks during the patient’s sleep. This could include cleaning, preparing meals or other activities to make life easier for your loved one. In this instance, the carer would not need their own room so it may help those living in homes with limited space.

No matter whether you choose a sleep-in or wake-in carer, it is an important service to consider. It will certainly provide you with peace of mind in knowing that someone is there should they be needed. It can also be used to give family members a rest from caring. We have seen great success for people that choose to have a “sleep-in” or “wake-in” carer for just a few nights a week. It is vital that family members who act as carers get a break too.

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